Help your children heal from the pain of divorce

A free resource for churches, parents, or family members

What is DC4K?

Caring for children of divorce

DC4K is a 13-week program for children ages 5–12 whose parents are in a separation or divorce. It’s filled with activities, games, music, and crafts that help kids process their feelings and communicate with their parents. The children learn that they are loved, they will be okay, and God’s love will strengthen them.

“Our kids are finally communicating with us.” 


How does DC4K work?

The DC4K program is available to download for free and is customizable.

Parents & family members 

You can go through DC4K with your kids at your own pace. Take part in the fun activities together. Listen to the songs. Have meaningful discussions. Watch the videos. You’ll receive everything you need, plus lesson plans that explain what to do and how each activity helps your child.

Children’s ministry workers & lay leaders

Your church can offer this 13-week, lay-led program for children whose parents are in a separation or divorce. You’ll receive downloadable books, songs, videos, and activities, which help hurting children process their feelings, communicate with their parents, and be grounded in Christ’s love. 

Bring stability to hurting children

How the kids will benefit 

DC4K provides a safe and caring setting for children to engage in fun-filled activities while learning about separation and divorce and the many changes they are encountering in their lives (at an age-appropriate level). 

Children will learn ...

They’re not alone.

By hearing stories about kids who have faced their parents’ divorce, children feel encouraged and less isolated.


How to talk about their feelings.

Intentional activities teach children how to identify their emotions and communicate them to others.


Important coping skills.

The children will feel secure and able to manage the many changes that are happening in their lives.


God loves them.

Relatable Bible stories strengthen children with the knowledge that God loves them and will help them move forward.

See the weekly themes

Kids & Divorce blog

Your go-to library for practical strategies to overcome common issues.

What’s included with your free download?

Your free DivorceCare for Kids download includes the entire program. The materials can be used at home as a family, or in a church as a small-group children’s care ministry.

DC4K Activity Book

Activity Book

Children will discover coping strategies and God’s love through games, puzzles, and journaling.


Access to videos & music

Through relatable stories and songs, kids will find comfort by realizing they’re not alone.


Lesson Plans

This guide shows you how to incorporate the various activities into a fun, learning experience for kids.


Leader’s guide

You’ll find tips on how to get the most out of each session and best help the children.


Supplementary materials

Kids will learn and be engaged with the feelings poster and interactive Scripture flip book.


Promo tools

Looking to host DC4K in your church? These promo materials will help you get the word out.

Want a hard copy of the Activity Book?

Your choice! You can download a pdf for free or purchase hard copies of the book.

Bring stability to hurting children

Options for churches, parents & family members



Offer essential outreach to the children and families in your church and community by offering DC4K as a weekly children’s ministry program.



Use the program at home to help your children learn coping skills to manage their feelings and experiences.


Family members

Whether you’re a family member or counselor, if you know children whose parents are divorced, you can offer support.

Is your church currently offering DivorceCare?

If your church has a DivorceCare program, DC4K is the perfect complementary ministry that provides family-centric support for both parents and the children. Plus, you can easily list your DC4K group as an optional program in your Find a Group listing.

What parents like you are saying

“I haven’t seen my girls laughing like that for a long time!”

“It helps the kids deal with their feelings using Christ’s love.”

“My kids are happy to know they are not the only ones going through this.”

“As I tucked my son in bed, he said, ‘Mommy, I know it’s not my fault.’”

Ready to begin?

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